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GNUstep Developer Meeting at Fosdem 2006


The event

A GNUstep developer meeting will be held in Bruxelles (Belgium), during Fosdem 2006 on 25-26 February 2006. Fosdem is the annual Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting, and provides a natural framework for GNUstep developers to meet.

GNUstep and Image:OpenGroupwareLogo.gif ( will share a booth and a dev room.

Why you want to be there

You want to be there to meet the GNUstep developers in person.

The first GNUstep developer meetings, held during Fosdem 2002, Fosdem 2003, Fosdem 2004 and Fosdem 2005 have been a success. GNUstep developers, programmers, users, fans, and curious had an occasion to meet and talk in a very friendly and informal atmosphere.

We hope to repeat this succesful experience during Fosdem 2006.

The focus of the meeting is more on meeting each other, rather than on formal conferences, but we still plan to organize a small agenda of talks about interesting GNUstep topics, to be held by major developers and contributors. They can be a starting point for further discussions, or simply an occasion to learn more about specific GNUstep topics. Stay tuned on these pages for more info.

We'd also like to invite a wider public to our talks and conferences, but that's not necessarily easy.

Who will attend the meeting

One of the main reasons people attend the meeting is that you can meet, and talk directly to, other developers, whom you would otherwise meet only virtually (on mailing lists, emails, newsgroups, irc etc). We expect many lead developers and contributors to be present, so if you have never met them, you can't miss this occasion!

The following is a list of people of GNUstep fame (in alphabetical order) who have confirmed (or denied) that they will be able to join us at the GNUstep meeting at Fosdem 2006:

Name Presence Special comments
Richard Frith-Macdonald yes GNUstep
Helge Hess yes
Fred Kiefer yes GNUstep
Sašo Kiselkov yes CoreData, ProjectManager
Quentin Mathé yes Etoile
Marcus Müller aka ZNeK yes SOPE
Wim Oudshoorn  yes
Nicola Pero yes GNUstep
Nicolas Roard aka rIO yes Camaelon, Etoile
Nikolaus Schaller yes mySTEP
Björn Stierand yes
Georg Wallmann aka Nat! yes Mulle kybernetiK

If you plan to join us at the meeting, please let us know here in the wiki. Knowing how many people will attend will help in organizing the event, and will encourage other people to join.


Here is the list of the currently proposed talks (talk time will probably be around 30min/1h, depending on the number of talks we'll have)

Name Subject Estimated length
Helge Hess
Marcus Müller The SOPE application server (WebObjects+)
Quentin Mathé, Nicolas Roard Etoile Desktop
Sašo Kiselkov CoreData
Sašo Kiselkov ProjectManager
Nikolaus Schaller mySTEP: GNUstep on the Zaurus PDA
Nicolas Roard Gorm, ProjectCenter, StepTalk palette, DBModeler
Wim Oudshoorn Our experience porting an OpenStep application on MSWindows to GNUstep

Note: if possible, we should get all the slides before the fosdem, and create a livecd along with copies of the slides, booklets, etc.

Also, it would be very nice to videotape the presentations -- anybody has a video camera ?

Here is the proposed timing:


Subject duration starting time who
GNUstep DevTools: GORM, StepTalk 45min 13:00 Nicolas Roard
CoreData 45min 14:00 Sašo Kiselkov
Web Applications with SOPE 45min 15:00 Marcus Mueller
GNUstep on the Zaurus PDA 45min 16:00 Nicolaus Schaller


Subject duration starting time who
Windows Development with GNUstep 45min 10:00 Richard Frith-Macdonald / Wim Oudshoorn
Project Manager IDE 45min 11:00 Sašo Kiselkov
GroupDAV Meeting 45min 13:00 Helge Hess Project and Applications 45min 14:00 Helge Hess
Etoile Desktop Environment 45min 15:00 Quentin Mathé / Nicolas Roard


See Survey.

Marketing CD

See Marketing CD


Nicola Pero and Nicolas Roard (nicolas at roard dot com), Helge Hess for (hh at opengroupware dot org)