Summer Of Code 2006

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Summer Of Code 2006

The Summer Of Code is a Google program that offers student developers stipends to create new open source programs or to help currently established projects. It would be an excellent opportunity for GNUstep to fund some developments.

Here is some ideas:

- Improve the Printing Support (better postcript generation, etc.)

- Bindings, KVO support

- Improve the Cairo backend

- Improve Windows support

- Improve GNUstepWeb (add script language support, etc)

- Create a AJAX Framework for GNUstepWeb

- Finish input server support

- Port WebCore to GNUstep using gcc4.1

- Compare current API with Tiger API, indicates which are missing, and the status of the existing ones, then work to complete them... ;)

Feel free to add other ideas !


We need mentor(s) to manage the volunteers...


- David Wetzel (dave at turbocat dot de) could mentor GSWeb related projects


Nicolas Roard