Marketing CD

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Proposed contents of the Marketing CD (directory structure):

  • index.html - main page for the whole CD contents
  • Presentations - FOSDEM presentations (at least pre-final versions/drafts) and leaflets
  • Screen Shots - random GNUstep screenshots with descriptive filename or .html gallery with appropriate comments
  • Documentation - ready-to-read documentation in as flat directory structure as possible or with index.html in it
  • Sources (see [1])
    • GNUstep-core.tar.gz
    • GNUstep-development_apps.tar.gz (dev-apps)
    • GNUstep-frameworks.tar.gz (dev-libs)
    • GNUstep-apps.tar.gz (official gnustep apps sources)
    • GNUstep-extra-apps.tar.gz (unofficial gnustep apps sources)
    • Other
      • this folder should contain various gnustep apps, one app/framework per package, can also include split/partial packages (like gnustep-base, Gorm, ...)
  • Installers [2]
    • GNUstep-windows-install.exe
    • GNUstep-linux.tar.gz

[1] Source packages should be exclusive - no module/app/framework in more than one package - to prevent confusion. They should be more kind of large packages. [2] fully graphical environments with development tools and some gnustep apps. more skilled know how to install -base or -make separately.