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Like many free software projects, the mailing lists are the main means of getting support from the rest of the community. Details of the main project lists are below. If unsure, send it to discuss-gnustep and include an invitation to direct you to a more appropriate list. Please notice that some lists are at and some are at else you may get an error back.

Mailing Lists

To subscribe to, unsubscribe from or view the archives of any of the mailing lists, just click on the links below and follow the instructions. Alternatively, most of them are also archived at Nabble and GMANE, and questions you post there will get forwarded to the corresponding mailing list.

For Users and Developers

This is the most active list for all general discussions and questions. We also would like to hear about ideas for applications for the GNUstep environment and related issues.
For infos and announcements related to GNUstep libraries and applications.
For discussions related to GNUstep applications. This list is rarely read, so it is better to use discuss-gnustep.
For help with GNUstep libraries and applications. This list is rarely read, so it is better to use discuss-gnustep.

For Developers

This mailing list has been established to keep the noise low when it comes to core topics and generally boring discussions about technical aspects of GNUstep.
A mailing list for submitting bug reports and patches. Reports filed in the bug tracker are also sent here.
Mailing list for people who package GNUstep itself and related GNUstep apps.
Discussion about the GNUstep User Interface, its look and behaviour.
Marketing and promotion of the GNUstep project and its applications.
For comments and discussions about GNUstep web pages.


Some, but not all, GNUstep developers can also be reached through IRC at [1]. If that link doesn't work for you, connect manually to and /join #GNUstep.

Examples of IRC clients you can use: xchat (UNICES and Windows), Pidgin (UNICES and Windows), mirc (Windows) or TalkSoup on GNUstep's LiveCD for Intel or irssi from a bash shell.


GMANE carries the GNUstep mailinglists by NNTP

  • comp.lang.objective-c* : The Objective-C language and environment.
  • gnu.gnustep.announce* : Info and announcements (Moderated)
  • gnu.gnustep.bug* : Bug reports for gnustep.
  • gnu.gnustep.discuss* : Discussion of gnustep.
  •* : Requests for help with gnustep.