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NetSurf - Small as a mouse, fast as a cheetah and available for free. NetSurf is a multi-platform web browser for RISC OS, UNIX-like platforms (including Linux), Mac OS X, and more.

Current Version: 3.10-gnustep

  • Released: Apr 29, 2022
  • Licensed: GNU GPL 2


NetSurf icon.gif with Rik.theme

The GNUstep port was done by Anthony Cohn-Richardby, based on the work of the original NetSurf Cocoa port by Sven Weidauer. It's identical in feature set to the Gtk interface for NetSurf.


  • NetSurf, you can visit most of the WWW!
  • Bookmarks
  • Tabs
  • History
  • Download Manager
  • Search Engine integration


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