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Here is a list of themes for your GNUstep Apps. This will help integrate GNUstep with your desktop environment of choice.


If the theme needs to be compiled, install it by using make install. If you have a simple .theme-Bundle, simply copy the whole bundle to <GNUstepdir>/Local/Library/Themes/.

Then you should be able set the themes using, or using the command:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSTheme THEME-NAME

User Maintained Themes

  • Silver.theme Theme with silvered controls and scrollbars at right side.
  • Rik - A Mac-like theme for GNUstep.
  • NarcissusRik - The Narcissus theme from Etoile project (see below) using Rik icons.
  • NesedahRik - The Nesedah theme using Rik icons.
  • Sombre - A fresh dark theme from Bertrand Dekoninck.

GNUstep Maintained Themes

The GnomeTheme has been renamed to Gtk.theme. It will read the current Gtk theme and apply style information to your current GNUstep setup. It is available on the official GNUstep GitHub:

WinUXTheme is the theme for a Windows-like look and feel:

GNUstep Application Project Themes

You find more at GAP.

Etoile Themes (outdated)