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Jump to navigation Jump to search CDPlayer is a small CD Audio Player for GNUstep.

Current Version: 0.6

  • Released: Apr 9, 2015
  • Licensed: GPL


File:CDPlayer.icon.png This application runs on Linux and OpenBSD, with libcdio to handle disc reading.

Older versions were using the old CD-ROM drive based CDDA reading capabilities that'd connect to your sound-card and mainboard.

This new version thus works with new USB based CD-Drive readers as well.

It comes with plenty of desirable features that you'd want with any CD player!


  • Play back Compact Disc Digital Audio
  • Uses Cynthiune's output bundles
  • Able to display cover art
  • Supports reading CD-TEXT
  • Supports querying CDDB/MusicBrainz


Andreas Schik

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