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TODO: sort applications by purpose. make extra page for that? Wait, subcategories! Madleser

Maybe we should "mark" applications as such, eg.,,... instead of just Price, Adun, ... in case there's a name conflict. cbv

I like this idea! It also gives the user the correct name of the applications as pertaining to package management. I know in Debian all GNUstep applicaitons are name with the .app, bundles with .bundle, etc extensions when "apt-get"ing. Is there any objection to this move? If not, I think we can start working on it.Stefanbidi

I was also thinking it would be a good idea to have all applications listed on this page, instead of in their subcategories. Not sure if it's possible with the way it is currently setup. They would still belong to the particular subcategory, but be listed here. Each subcategory would just be a header with the particular application listed under it. I can demonstrate it here if anyone would like! Stefanbidi

I started adding applications with a .app extension to "mark" those articles as application pages. Also, if you use the Application Template, applications will auto-magic-ally be added in their respective category as well as directly. cbv