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DataBasin is a data access tool and for based on the SOAP API interfaces.

Current Version: 0.9

  • Released: May 16, 2016
  • Licensed: DataBasin: GPL / Soap Core: LGPL v3+


DataBasin is a tool to access and work with It allows to perform queries remotely, export and import data. File:Databasin 01 debian.png To connect to SFDC, DataBasin uses the WebServices exposed by the SFDC API and exposes them as methods of the DBSoap class.

To send and receive the SOAP messages, DB uses the WebServices (GSWS) available from GNUstep libraries and which is a mandatory requisite.


  • Reusable core library (DataBasinKit)
  • Threadable core library
  • Session and User inspectors
  • connect via http or https
  • Data Operations
    • Insert
    • Query and QueryAll
    • Quick Delete
    • Select-Identify: execute select on records identified by Id or Unique identifier
  • Describe Object (and export to CSV)
  • Table based object-inspector


Riccardo Mottola

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