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The following is the current (as of December 27, 2006) list of direct dependencies for GNUstep.

Note :

  • some of these dependencies are dependent of each other (e.g. tiff requires jpeg, and libungif requires freetype2)
  • each of these dependencies may require additional libraries, which are not listed here
  • the given names may not accurately reflect the actual package name as provided by your system



  • GCC with ObjC support -- preferably version 4.x, 2.95 minimum (with gnustep-supplied libobjc)
  • GNU make -- called gmake or gnumake on some systems


  • gdb -- for debugging
  • Window Maker -- this would install a lot of dependencies beforehand



Recommended development kit dependencies

The recommended and optional development kit packages in Debian and Ubuntu will pull in the compiled libraries for you as a dependancy. Selecting only the run-time library will generate a configure warning. If you continue with 'make', then the noted library functionalities will be missing in your final executable.

The remaining references give only the typical library name.


  • libiconv -- Unicode support, only install if not provided by your system. Note the GNU 'C' library (libc6-dev) provides the required functionality on all recent GNU/Linux systems
  • libgmp -- arbitrary precision arithmetic -run 'make check' if building yourself to assure you are getting appropriate results.
  • libgnutls -- provides Transport Layer Security -- TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols (libgnutls-dev)
  • libbfd -- universal "Binary File Descriptor" library, part of GNU binutils (binutils-dev)
  • mDNSResponder -- for Bonjour service discovery, as implemented by NSNetServices and NSNetServiceBrowser Search for libavahi under Ubuntu and Debian for the equivalent. See for additional details.

Selecting libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev in Ubuntu or debian will automatically add libavahi-client-dev, libavahi-common-dev,libdbus-1-dev development kits.



  • GNUstep-base
  • tiff -- Tag Image File Format (TIFF) support for image data

In Ubuntu and Debian the development kit libtiff4-dev automatically pulls in libjpeg62-dev and libtiffxx0c2.


  • jpeg -- Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) lossy image data compression support

In Ubuntu and Debian install the libjpeg62-dev development kit.

  • png -- Portable Network Graphics (PNG) support

In Ubuntu and Debian install the libpng12-dev development kit.


  • libungif -- for reading and writing GIF images

In Ubuntu and Debian are transitioning to the libgif-dev instead of the older libungif4-dev development kit.

In Ubuntu and Debian install the libaspell-dev development kit.

In Ubuntu and Debian install libcups2-dev will automatically pull in comerr-dev, libkadm55, libkrb5-dev development kits.

  • libicns-dev for manipulation of the MacOS icns resource format. This development kit in Ubuntu and Debian will pull in the libicns1 library.
  • portaudio -- sound, needs at least portaudio-v19

In Ubuntu and Debian installing portaudio19-dev will automatically pull in libasound2-dev, libfreebob0, libjack-dev, libjack0, libjack0.100.0-dev, libportaudio2 development kits.


GNUstep-back currently supports three separate back-ends (xlib, art and cairo). Windows currently uses its own default backend.

Required for all back-ends

  • GNUstep-gui

Required for X11 back-ends

  • libxt-dev --development kit for X11 toolkit intrinsics library

In Ubuntu and Debian installing the libxt-dev development kit will automatically pull in libice-dev, libsm-dev

In Ubuntu and Debian install the libxext-dev development kit to support shared memory and additional X-Windows extensions

Recommended for all X11 back-ends

  • libXft -- Freetype based font drawing API This changes the anti-aliasing of fonts over the default methods.

In Ubuntu and Debian install the libxft-dev development kit.


As above.



In Ubuntu and Debian install the libfreetype6-dev development kit.

In Ubuntu and Debian install the libart-2.0-dev development kit.


Required .

  • cairo -- PDF 1.4 imaging model

Optional Cairo supports multiple output devices.

  • glitz -- OpenGL image compositing library

In Ubuntu and Debian installing the libglitz-glx1-dev development kit will pull in libgl1-mesa-dev, libglitz1-dev, mesa-common-dev, xlibmesa-gl-dev