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One framework that provides seamless extensions of Foundation and AppKit. Two more frameworks that provide services for Internet applications, style sheet driven export of your objects and message handling.

Current Version: EDCommon V. 33; EDStyleSheet V. 3; EDMessage V. 16

  • Released: 2003
  • Licensed: BSD style


The EDCommon framework extends Foundation and AppKit in a natural way. It contains common methods you always need, like removing whitespace around a string, special collection classes such as stack or object pair, an object-oriented API for socket programming, some widgets, the chasing arrows to indicate background activity for example, a parser for markup languages and other nifty stuff.

The EDStyleSheet framework uses the parser from the EDCommon Framework to read stylesheets and create an "active model" of the style sheet that interacts with your classes to produce output in any text based language, e.g. XML or LaTeX. In a way, a very flexible kind of WebObjects component. You can also subclass existing model classes and add new ones.

The EDMessage framework contains classes to analyse and create Internet Messages with MIME extensions as well as a ready-to-use e-mail client class.


All frameworks come with project files for XCode and makefiles for GNUstep.


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