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A simple code editor for GNUstepers

Current Version: 0.4

  • Released: Feb 8, 2014
  • Licensed: GPLv3

Overview running on WindowMaker running on Gnome running on Windows 7

This is a simple code editor with highlight syntax and auto indentation. Gemas depends on HighlighterKit framework of Saso Kiselkov. On Windows, when you launch Gemas, it open a new document for Objective-C. If you want other type of document, create the appropriate new document from menu. This is because currently you can't change the highlight syntax once you open a document. There are also a couple of themes for the syntax highlighter: HKThemes 1.0


  • Highlight syntax for languages C, C++, Obj-C, Obj-C++, GSmarkup.
  • Highlight syntax to edit Strings, Plist, GNUmakefile, ChangeLog files and Plain text.
  • Auto indentation.
  • Autocomplete.
  • Double click above a parentheses to select all code inside these.
  • Emacs compatibility (this means that you can see correctly the indentation of a file you wrote on Emacs).
  • Go to Line Panel.
  • Preferences Panel to change colors, editor size, font, Highlighter theme, ...
  • Menu options App and Tool to create a simple App or Tool


Germán A. Arias

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