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Graphical nethack.

Current Version: 0.2.5

  • Released: 2014-03-28
  • Licensed: GPLv2+ and APSL 2.0


Ghack is a nethack for GNUstep. It is made for playing dungeoneering and AI hacks. There will be scripting and a focus on 16x16 xpm graphics. It is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later and under the APSL 2.0 (Apple Source License).

Since 0.2.4 the game supports mouse clicks for moving.


The game is in early stages of development and will feature races such as elves, gnomes, dwarfs and humans. There are now 5 major parts in encountered NPCs which are priest, wizard, mana-using item wielders, thieves and equipment. NPCs can also level up and there might be networked code.

Feedback and response can be sent later on when the game is developed further.


Minimal tile engine graphics support and mouseclick movement of player character. Xpm image pixel processor


`Enry the `Ermit

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