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This is a proposal for an approach that is not yet part of GNUstep though there is source code

AI library for rendering GNUstep.

Current Version: File:Gnustep-fuzzy-0.2.tar.gz

  • Released: 2014-12-21
  • Licensed: LGPL GPL


Gnustep-fuzzy is a library for decision tree and fuzzy logic in GNUstep applications.


Gnustep-fuzzy is a library for updating the renderer with fuzzy logic and decision tree code. It will try to update the renderer of QuartzCore or CoreAnimation and CoreGraphics later on. It can also be used stand-alone for GNUstep games writing as simple AI engine. It is written in portable Objective-C with no dependencies except gnustep-base.


Feedback and response can be sent later on when the library is developed further.

The main development site is at github and here is a File:Gnustep-fuzzy-0.2.tar.gz


fuzzy logic and decision tree inferer


`Enry the `Ermit

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