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KoKit is a framework collection, that extends the functionality of GNUstep's Foundation and AppKit.

Current Version: 0.3.2

  • Released: June 29, 2006
  • Licensed: Dual BSD/LGPL


This is a dead project, but the CVS repo files might be able to be grabbed from the the archive links.


It currently consists of the following frameworks:

  • KoBase is the low-level framework in the KoKit framework collection. It provides some simple to use debugging aids, instance counting to discover and track memory leaks, an HOM implementation and functions for easy C string manipulation.
  • KoFoundation is an extension to GNUstep's Foundation framework. It adds additional containers, such as LIFO (stack) and FIFO (queue), a signal handler and more.
  • KoAppKit is an extension to GNUstep's AppKit framework. It adds a collection of useful extensions and widgets that make GUI development a bit easier.
  • KoCrypt provides a collection of classes of cryptographic algorithms and categories for quick and easy access.
  • KoNet is a collection of classes that deal with BSD socket programming.


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