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Poe, or "a Pugnacious Ogg Editor", is a vorbis comment editor.

Current Version: 0.5.1

  • Released: Nov 7, 2005
  • Licensed: GPL2.0


File:Poe.png Poe tries to follow the vorbis comment header specification (v-comment.html, Field Names, and Implications are the pertinent parts) closely, while being convenient and flexible to use.

Towards that end, it doesn't have a static 'form' style interface. Instead, it has an editable table of comments. The contents of the table change dependent upon preference settings, and what comments are in the ogg file you are editing.


  • Allows multiple Artist, Performer, and Genre fields.
  • Flexible choice of comment fields to edit.
  • Allows editing of all the comment fields in a file, not just the ones Poe is aware of.


Rob Burns

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