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The roadmap is a living document- if you're a maintainer, please update it with your plans.

Roadmap Introduction

The GNUstep Roadmap represents where the team sees GNUstep going in future releases. As decisions are made regarding what should go into a given release, it will be added here for that release. This will help to track what features are planned in the future and what direction GNUstep will take in the future.

GNUstep 1.0

  • GUI
    • Improve printing support.
      • Alpha support for printing. All other operations are working.
    • Stable interface
      • GNUstep's API has stablized a lot recently.
    • Correct any severe bugs which remain in the codebase (none known at this time)
    • popup/pulldown menu operation ... sometimes (often) popup menus seem to fail to track the mouse, so you can't select their buttons. cursor bug?
    • Complete themeing in GUI (and windows theme) (in progress)
    • In-window menu support for Windows (working)
    • Nib support in gui, complete keyed archiving support. (In progress)
      • Phase 1: Nib reading (Percent complete: 100%)
      • Phase 2: Nib writing (Percent complete: 75%)
      • Phase 3: Xib reading (Percent complete: 100%)
      • Phase 4: Storyboard reading (Percent compleete 90%)
  • Back
    • Better Windows Support (see Gui on Windows)
    • Focus issues
    • Reliable window manager/desktop interaction: several target WM? -- window manager interaction ... I want clicking on windows to work reliably, so that when I click on any GNUstep window:
    1. The application activates (shows its menu and panels, and raises the window clicked on).
    2. The clicked window starts accepting keyboard input
    3. any other GNUstep application deactivates (hides its menu and panels)
  • Development Environment:
    • Gorm 1.4.x
    • ProjectCenter 0.6.x
    • Create an "xcodebuild" like tool, perhaps called simply "codebuild" which will allow users to build xcodeprojects on a GNUstep system without having to resort to writing GNUmakefiles.
  • User apps
    • GWorkspace 0.9.x
    • Need more basic user apps
  • Other
    • Initial public release of SimpleWebKit
  • Packaging
    • Package name, like GNUstep 1.0 for everything...

GNUstep 1.1

  • GUI
    • Nib Compatibility Phase 2: Nib writing (Percent complete: 95%)

  • General
    • Maybe extract functionality from core libraries into other lightweight libraries if useful?