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Whilst GNUstep has no official slogan so far, the potential benefit of having one was discussed and many drafts were proposed on the mailing lists recently (around 2nd November week 2007). This is the attempt of summing them up together with some pros and cons which were noted.

The con/pro comments are given in headwords. It must be kept in mind that the pros and cons are weighted rather differently by the individual discussion participants. Proposals without comment were more or less ignored so far.

Please fill in more. This is just a beginning.

General considerations


  • prescriptiveness: (i.e. mention: code, development, API, OpenStep ...)
    Some say -- with regard to the low publicity -- a slogan should give a short description of what GNUstep is
    Others say, it should leave space for imagination.
  • mentioning Cocoa/NeXT/Apple/Mac:
    Some say Cocoa should be mentioned to give a better idea of what GNUstep is like, and/or to use Apple's publicity
    Others say that could lead to legal problems with Apple, exspecially when claiming superiority. Competing boldly with Apple could also hurt credibility.
  • mentioning advantages (i.e. productivity, portability ...)
  • memorability
    not to many words
    something catchy would be great

Proposal list (incomplete!)

GNUstep -- a step forward from the masses
GNUstep -- boosting your developement productvity
GNUstep -- boost your open source GUI developement productvity
pro positive message, strong benefit description, focus (GUI development)
con too long
GNUstep -- Cocoa, just more professional
GNUstep -- Cocoa, just portable
GNUstep -- Cocoa opened / GNUstep -- free Cocoa / GNUstep -- free as in Cocoa
easy to remember, but possibly trouble with Apple
GNUstep -- Cocoa revisidet
GNUstep -- code differently
con differently does not necessarily mean better
GNUstep -- code intelligently / GNUstep -- code smartly
GNUstep -- code less, deploy everywhere
pro gives an idea of what GNUstep is
pro sums the most important advantages
GNUstep -- Differently Thunk.
con differently does not necessarily mean better
con not descriptive
GNUStep -- integrate your thoughts
GNUstep -- Mac free
GNUstep -- making your users smile
pro positive message
con not descriptive in any way
one of the most considered (most popular?) ideas
GNUstep -- NeXT for the rest of us
GNUstep -- Not your father's Cocoa!
con risk of problems with Apple (?)
describes roughly what GNUstep is, but does not point out a clear benefit
GNUStep -- object oriented portability
con does not describe GNUstep's aim but the mechanics behind. (?)
GNUstep -- professional. productive. anywhere.
GNUstep -- the greatest API you've never heard of
pro comic
GNUstep -- the real NeXT heir
GNUstep -- strong shoulders! / GNUstep -- gentle giant with strong shoulders! / GNUstep -- gentle giant with strong shoulders to make your app stand tall
con to long
GNUstep -- The Ultimate Development Environment
describes roughly what GNUstep is, but does not point out a clear benefit
GNUstep -- want help fixing it?
con gives the impression that it is totally broken
GNUstep -- we ain't WindowMaker, Jack!
con possibly offensive
con not descriptive
Put your best to the test. GNUStep does the rest.
GNUstep -- make(s) development fun again
pro positive message
pro descriptive
pro catchy