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Can example be provided about "production environment in serveral organization" ? this will clear the doubt of people on GNUstep stability.

added (Stefan Urbanek 10:08, 17 Feb 2005 (CET))

Thank you (User:TJ Yang )

Internationalisation in the Users section is probably misnamed and misspelled for this site.

For the user their issue is normally Localisation, but even this isn't necessarily clear. I would argue for terminology like "Configuring language, script and input methods" or even something as formal as "National language configuration".

Internationalisation is a word most often used to describe the process of modifying code to support varied text encodings, number formats, currencies and so on and is a developer topic. Localisation is a word used most consistently for translation or conversion of an application interface and documentation into specific human languages, date and number formats etc and is probably a developer or volunteer topic.

Even though my personally-preferred spelling in English is the Commonwealth variant, the most wide-spread spelling for Internationalization and Localization are the American-style 'z' spellings. Let's make it easier for people to find what they are looking for in search engines. When a user is trying to find out how to localise their script input and national language preferences, what terms are they going to search for? The link and page should be somehow connected to that.


A question concerning non-ASCII input in GNUstep applications

Hello folks! I tried to use GNUstep applications for my day-to-day tasks but I couldn't make them accept any text input except ASCII characters. When I switch to Russian, all applications refuse input. Is this the right way they should work now? As I know, there isn't any problems with Russian input in the original OpenStep environment. I use XKB and ru_RU.KOI8-R locale. Maybe it's necessary to use ru_RU.UTF8 or you know any other workarounds? All non-GNUstep applications work perfectly.

likely the important thing is to set the GNUSTEP_STRING_ENCODING environment variable to NSKOI8RStringEncoding. There is an [Asian language support] page on the gnustep website, that also contains information that could be useful for other languages.

--Serge RU 04:48, 11 May 2005 (CEST) Thank you, it works :) I also had to make some font assignments not covered in "Asian language support" document ( let me find out about them and fix menu font, etc.), but the direction was right.

None GNUstep Applications

I thought we were only to have GNUstep projects linked in the Main Page's opening blurb! Can we clear this up before going further? Stefanbidi