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This template should be used whenever a framework is added to the GNUstep Wiki.


All fields are required, if not available, leave blank.

shortdescription = < ... > |
currentversion = < ... > |
releasedate = < ... > |
license = < ... > |
overview = < ... > |
features = < ... > |
maintainer = < ... > |
relatedlinks = < ... > |
category = < ... >


This section is reserved for a brief review of the framework. No more than a 3-4 sentence paragraph should be used. At no point in this section should you go into the history of the framework.


The currentversion section should contain a link to download the current version of the package titled by the version number, eg (for Gorm v1.1.0):

[http://ftpmain.gnustep.org/pub/gnustep/dev-apps/gorm-1.1.0.tar.gz 1.1.0]

If the framework is released by date stamps yyyymmdd format should be used.


This is were the release date should be entered. The date will need to be in standard US format:

August 29, 2006


Specify the license the application is put under, eg.

 GPL2.0, BSD, ...


This is where everything that isn't supposed to be in the shortdescription section should go, such as framework history.


This section is reserved for list the features, either in paragraphs or by the use of bullets. If using bullets, please restrict one (1) feature per bullet.


This is where the project's maintainer name and email address should be located, preferably using a [mailto:developer@domain.org Developer's Name] format. Bullets should be used to list the developer(s), and if additional information is needed, indented/double bullets (**) below the respective entry.


This section is reserved to listing links related to the particular framework, please use a bullet for each link. Most importantly, this section should link the framework's home page. Links to manuals and how-tos concerning the framework should also be located here.


All frameworks automatically fall under a subcategory of Category:Frameworks.
Use this entry to specify a specific category, like Category:Development Frameworks or Category:Networking Frameworks.