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XMLRPC Framework: a framework implementing XML-RPC in Objective-C.

Current Version:

  • Released: 06/30/2003
  • Licensed: GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1


Mulle XMLRPC is a client/server implementation of the XML-RPC specification. In short, XML-RPC is a protocol for doing remote procedure calls on top of XML via HTTP. As such, XML-RPC does not depend on a specific programming language and in fact there are a lot of implementations for different languages. This implementation is written in Objective-C and fills that gap.


  • If you want to implement XML-RPC (client or server) in Objective-C, sure here you are.
  • If you're just looking for a cool, scalable server - again, here you are. Mulle XMLRPC implements several extensions (multicall, introspection) that most other servers do not have. Also, there are hooks (and documentation) for integrating Mulle XMLRPC into WebObjects, a highly scalable Application server.
  • If you have a "legacy" app and want to replace/extend NSConnections with a similar but also language neutral interface. Here you go. By the way, that's my initial reason for writing this framework. Mulle XMLRPC's XRConnection class provides a very easy way to form "reliable" connections which are able to tell that the remote end has gone away. The whole interface of XRConnection is compatible with NSConnection and can be used as a drop in replacement.


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