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GNUstep Startup is a compilation of the GNUstep core packages together with the required library ffcall and a script to build and install all packages on Unixlike platforms in the correct order.

GNUstep Startup is a compilation the GNUstep core packages: gnustep-make, gnustep-base, gnustep-gui, and gnustep-back. The main advantage of Startup is that it includes a script to automatically build and install the core GNUstep system. After installing GNUstep Startup, you will have a complete system for compiling and running GNUstep applications. You will, of course, need to compile and install applications (such as GWorkspace) to actually use GNUstep in a runtime system. For a complete developement system, you would also need to install the Gorm and ProjectCenter applications. The individual packages are:

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