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This project is either unmaintained, or its status is unknown. Please do not remove this until the status of this project has been determined.

This application is unmantained and show problems with the current GNUstep. You can use instead.

CodeEditor is a text and code editor.

Current Version: 0.4.4

  • Released: April 08, 2004
  • Licensed: GPL2


The goal of CodeEditor is to be a good non-rich text code editor. CodeEditorView offers a subclass of NSTextView and supports syntax highlight, mark delimiters, etc. It can be used in other projects.


  • Faster than ever
  • Tab View: Don't need to open so many terminals again.
  • Toolbar: Use "Alt (left) - t" to open/close a simple toolbar on the fly.
  • Find (Regular Express support) and replace.
  • File Inspector.
  • Change font attributes and preference instantly without restart.
  • Periodically or manually Highlight keyword with difference attributes according to the language.
  • Automatically or manually find delimiter pair.
  • Automatically indentation according to the preference.
  • Support scripting (need StepTalk).


Yen-Ju Chen

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