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DBModeler.app is based loosely on EOModeller.app and is used to create EOModels -- definitions of mappings between the tables, columns and rows of a relational database to objects within a GNUstep program that uses GDL2 (GNUstep's EOF implementation).

Current Version: Unknown

  • Released: Unknown
  • Licensed: GPL 2.0


File:DBModeler-snapshot.png Existing EOModels may be opened and modified, new ones may be created manually, or even "reverse-engineered" from an existing database if DBModeler is able to connect to an existing database.

The resulting EOModels can be used to allow simple database connectivity in GNUstep applications, tools, or within GNUstep Web applications without significant additional coding effort.


  • create entity-relationship models
  • view models in diagram form
  • reverse-engineer models from existing databases
  • drag-and-drop entities and relationships into Gorm for integration into GUI apps
  • generate databases and table schemas in supported databases


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